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Posted on 19-07-2021

The LoRaWAN Device Repository is an open-source, collaborative repository with LoRaWAN compatible devices, serving as a key data source and onboarding devices on LoRaWAN networks.

Today, Device Repository contains 1600+ device profiles from 50+ vendors that The Things Stack users can easily integrate into their LoRaWAN solutions.
Get started with this brand new, yet essential, feature of The Things Stack that simplifies LoRaWAN deployments.

Speed up device configuration and avoid errors

Onboarding new devices can be challenging because various settings, device requirements and other key information must be considered. With Device Repository, users can quickly move from idea to proof of concept without coding. All parameters, such as payload format, decoder and firmware version, are already supported by the network server.

Device Repository explained in 2 minutes:

Device Repository perfectly integrates with the new LoRa Alliance QR code specification, allowing LoRaWAN devices to be identified by simply scanning the code. This way, The Things Stack can identify the device, pointing to the dedicated device repository profile.
The profile contains information about the device such as:

  • LoRaWAN version
  • Regional parameters
  • Maximum EIRP
  • OTAA and ABP parameters
  • Class B and Class C settings

In addition, Device Repository contains the payload codec, which simplifies new device integration. Javascript codecs support input and output objects with warnings and errors.

Setting up new devices is now easy, watch the short video tutorial showing how to add a device with Device Repository.

Check the most popular LoRaWAN devices in the ecosystem

The new dedicated front-end page provides an overview of all devices, allowing you to select the right one for your development and benefit from ready-to-use integrations with The Things Stack. Check the devices

Find devices and gateways from Digital Matter, Tektelic, Sensitive, Elsys, Strega, Decentlab, Dragino and much more.

Easily submit your device information to end-users

As a device maker, you can now provide information about your devices to end users directly through The Things Stack. Follow these instructions to add your devices

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