Where to buy The Things Indoor Gateway (TTIG)

Rishabh Chauhan

Global Community Manager

Posted on 04-09-2019

Ever since The Things Indoor Gateway was announced at the conference in Amsterdam, there has been a huge demand for this product. An easy to use device with WiFi as the backhaul and fully compliant LoRaWAN gateway with an attractive price tag. Around 1000 of these units were distributed in the first half of the year and it soon became clear that there is a huge demand all across the world. These gateways are now back in stock and you can buy from RS Components and their subsidiaries along with other distributors and webshops -


North America

  • Adafruit - link
  • Allied Electronics - link
  • Connected Things - link

Asia Pacific

  • Seeed Studio - link
  • The Connected Works - link


Note -
1. If you would like to become a distributor or a reseller, drop us a line.
2. Certification for Australia/New Zealand and India is currently underway and once completed, we will update this list so people from these region can order the gateway.

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