The Internet of Things can look awesome.

Building the brand.

We created some Brand Guidelines to help you use your brand and assets, including our logo which you are free to use in a non-commercial context and when complying to our manifest.

On this page you can download our logo to use for your projects, both online and offline. You can also find the fonts and the colors we use.

Enjoy and have fun making the Internet of Things world look more awesome!


Of course you recognize 'The Things Blue', the color we use in our logo. In addition to our main color we use a color scheme containing Dark Grey for text and Light Grey & White for background and details.

You can find all the color codes you'll need below.

The Things Blue
Dark Grey
Light Grey


The Things Network is awesome!


Want to write about The Things Network? Of course you'll need the right fonts to do so!. The font we use in our logo and for headlines is called League Spartan and can be downloaded for free below. If you use this for for a nice headline on your poster make sure you only use caps.

The font family we use for larger amounts of text is called Lato. Lato is available for free on Google Fonts. If you need it for printing purposes: no worries. We put it in the zip-file for you to download.

Download fonts


Official The Things Network Communities are allowed to use a personalized logo. Apply to become the initiator and start a community in your area to become an official The Things Network Community and present yourself!

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