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Let's build an open, free and community-owned IoT data network for Zurich! Join us on Slack or follow us on Twitter

LoRaWAN has the potential to enable an entire new class of use cases for the Internet of Things, but we need to open this up to the hacker/maker community. And the best way to do it, is to build the network ourselves. A free (as in beer), open network (free as in speech), based on...

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Open Internet award!

We are very, very happy to announce that today our Open Network Infrastructure Association has been awarded in the category Open Internet at the ve...

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Tamedia joins the Zurich co...

We are extremely excited to announce that Tamedia is joining the Zurich community of The Things Network and has just deployed a new outdoors gatewa...

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Join the Open Network Infra...

About 20 years ago, open source software was rarely found in corporate settings. Microsoft infamously called Linux a 'cancer' that needed to be ext...

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Johan in Zurich

Yesterday we had a great meetup here in Zurich, with a super special guest! Johan Stokking joined us and gave a fantastic presentation on "What's n...

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MakeZurich hackathon: 60 pa...

Between 27th January and 4th February, Zürich was the stage of a community-organized hackathon around the topic of civic technologies, and in parti...

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Ready for MakeZurich 2017

Today we packaged all the hardware kits, and we're almost ready for Make Zurich 2017!

We cannot begin to explain how excited we are about this! And...

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The Things Network Zurich b...

Congratulations for becoming an official community of The Things Network!

Many thanks go out all the members of the community who contributed to th...

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Make Zurich 2017

We're extremely happy to announce something that's been in the making for quite a while:

Early next year, the first Make Zurich hackathon ever will...

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Open Network Infrastructure

Yesterday was an amazing day: after months in the making, we finally sealed the deal and founded a civil association to support and promote swiss T...

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On reaching total coverage

Since the beginning, the community of makers, developers & supporters of the TTN initiative in Zurich has been beyond amazing in pushing to bui...

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More coverage!

Just in time for christmas, many of us received the IMST gateways ordered several weeks ago, and the first of them is already up and running: The g...

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Hacks and talks!

Thanks a lot to the awesome dev community in Zurich for the fantastic meetup we had tonight! Lots of cool ideas, fantastic hacks and projects, and ...

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Second gateway up and running!

W00t! Second gateway deployed permanently in an amazing rooftop location in the center of Zürich! Once again, this is only possible thanks to the g...

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Habemus Network!

On Monday morning, we installed the first permanent gateway of the city so now it is official: The Things Network Zurich is up and running!! This w...

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Ready for winter!

Last night, thanks to the awesome guys from Decentlab, we weather-proofed the first two gateways of Zurich and are now ready to put them out into t...

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Zurich dev community == pur...

Today we had a fantastic meetup in Zurich: it started being a hands-on meetup, but it ended up being more of a full-blown kick-off! We had the gate...

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Join us this Wednesday!

This Wednesday 11th we're meeting in the offices of Tamedia in Zurich to play with LoRaWAN hardware! We will have a gateway running in the offices,...

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Hands-on Meetup on 11th Nov

Join us to hack on a hardware prototype using thethingsnetwork! We'll bring our gateway for a first round of hands-on testing. This is a maker meet...

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It's alive!

Awesome news! The first gateway is up and running and pushing status updates to the TTN status service! We're starting to play with some nodes. Thi...

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Gateway arrived!

The first gateway has arrived! We'll be up and running in a few days!

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First gateway coming soon!

Things are moving fast over here! The core team is building up and today we confirmed the order for the first gateway! It will hopefully arrive nex...

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There is a new meetup from community nearby (Freiburg im Breisgau)

1 day, 6 hours ago

michaelweiss is now part of Zurich community

3 days, 12 hours ago

The Things Network Zurich organizes a Meetup on 11 January

1 week ago

There is a new published community nearby (Freiburg im Breisgau)

1 week, 3 days ago

Gonzalo Casas posted an update in The Things Network Zurich: "Open Internet award!"

3 months ago



twitter image
11 Jan
Kicking off the first @iotzh meetup of the year with a presentation on #LoRaWAN geolocalization by #CSEM
twitter image
6 Jan
Wow! Really cool! 😎💪👍
twitter image
5 Jan
Great to see confirmation of the stability of @thethingsntwrk systems! Even during worldwide #Meltdown!…
twitter image
31 Dec
Oh my! We've been beaten to that! @stadtzuerich @OpenDataZurich: when are we getting one for Corine Mauch's office?…
twitter image
31 Dec
Best holiday season present 🎁 ever!

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