Migration to EU cluster required

Gonzalo Casas

Initiator TTN Zurich

Posted on 19-11-2021

As you are most likely aware, The Things Network is migrating to the V3 of the stack and on December 1st, the V2 stack will be shut down.

For the last 3+ years, we have been operating a Swiss instance of the V2 stack of TTN in cooperation with SWITCH.CH and during this year, we were looking for sustainable ways to migrate it to V3.

However, the burden of the operations combined with the fact that all of this work is done on a volunteering basis on the side of our day jobs means that we will no longer be able to migrate or maintain a Swiss V3 server instance. We tried to find alternative solutions, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find one.

In concrete terms, this means you should migrate your gateways and applications to the European V3 cluster of The Things Network as soon as possible, following the documentation published by TTN on their website.

If you are a gateway operator, you simply need to change the server address of your gateway config file to eu1.cloud.thethings.network. You might also need to handle the registration on the new console to be able to see the gateway traffic.

If you are an application owner, the migration involves more details, but you are most likely already aware of them if you run an application, because TTN has been announcing the changes for the last part of the year.

After the TTN V2 shutdown, we will try to redirect our DNS records to the European cluster so that there is minimal interruption, and overall we’ll do our best to make the change as seamless as possible.

The ONIA board