Zurich dev community == pure awesomeness

Gonzalo Casas

Initiator TTN Zurich

Posted on 12-11-2015

Today we had a fantastic meetup in Zurich: it started being a hands-on meetup, but it ended up being more of a full-blown kick-off! We had the gateway running in the room, the thethingsnetwork stack running locally and a bunch of different nodes to play with (The Things UNO, a couple of iM880a, a couple of MultiTech mBed, and a lot of Microchip RN2483). We demoed the whole flow of packets from node to InfluxDB and also saw a demo use case from the winner team of Swisscom IoT Hackathon to help dementia patients live a better life. The vibe was great and we hope we can get the network up and running in no time! In summary, a great start for The Things Network Zurich!