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Gonzalo Casas

Initiator TTN Zurich

Posted on 13-06-2017

About 20 years ago, open source software was rarely found in corporate settings. Microsoft infamously called Linux a 'cancer' that needed to be exterminated back then. Nowadays the situation is radically different: open source software runs most of the internet infrastructure world-wide and we trust it to run most of all devices big and small.

Open source software has won.

These days, open source has spread beyond software: open data, open access, open source hardware, etc.

As part of our community efforts to deploy The Things Network in Switzerland, we founded a non-profit association last year to serve as an instrument to push Open Network Infrastructure, to build the same kind of trust that open source software has earned through-out the years. To install the idea that open networking infrastructure can be trusted as much, and maybe more, than commercial operations, for the exact same reasons that apply to software.

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