On reaching total coverage

Gonzalo Casas

Initiator TTN Zurich

Posted on 24-03-2016

Since the beginning, the community of makers, developers & supporters of the TTN initiative in Zurich has been beyond amazing in pushing to build the network, and today it is exciting to see that we're approaching full coverage of the city of Zurich! As of today, there are 9 active gateways running in the city and neighboring towns and there are 3 more gateways sitting right now in my desk ready to be assembled and deployed in the coming weeks! With these additional gateways we hope to bridge the holes and reach 100% coverage on the City of Zurich! This is just so incredibly awesome! And it is only possible thanks to the fantastic commitment of all of you, girls and boys of this community, some of you doing it totally on your own private initiative, some others representing your employer, but everyone pushing hard to help build the network. So here it is. A list of those of you that keep this running in Zurich, huge kudos to all of you!! local.ch Lab & local.ch Engineering Team, decentlab.ch, BSI Software AG, Nordic Usability GmbH, funlab.ch, miromico AG, Mathias V., Thomas G., Mikhail S., Chris W., Tobias C,. and soon to come, fablabwinti.ch! THANK YOU ALL!