A Christmas Present: Longest Connection so far (~6,5 km)


The Things Network User

Posted on 25-12-2017

(picture is a screenshot from ttnmapper.org)

Merry Christmas to the entire TTN Community :)

For Christmas, we've got a very special surprise: Somebody must have been logging when driving on the highway between Aachen and Köln. And, contrary to all expectations and simulations, there was TTN coverage just behind the highway interchange of Aachen, way before Eschweiler. While before, we've have a couple of connections in the range of ~4 km, this well over 6,5 km.

Also, the simulations of Radio Mobile Online would suggest this to be a very hard achievement, yet it worked :)

Radio Mobile Online

(picture is a screenshot from Radio Mobile Online at http://www.ve2dbe.com/rmonline.html)