New gateway in Dyce, Aberdeen

Mark Wills

The Things Network User

Posted on 03-01-2018

Hi, my name is Mark Wills. Tonight I added my multi-channel gateway to The Things Network. Located in Dyce, Aberdeen, it's an official "The Things Gateway" unit - the kickstarter unit - all seems to be working okay. I'm a self-employed SCADA consultant, and I plan to use this gateway as a means to develop and test low-power SCADA related devices for use in the field - mainly in the water industry, perhaps also in oil & gas.

Currently, the unit is just mounted in the house, but it will eventually (in a couple of weeks) be mounted in the loft of my house with an external 868mhz di-pole antenna and coaxial cable. I already have the antenna and cables, just waiting for someone to come 'round and mount the antenna to the roof of the house!

I'd be interested to hear from any LoRa nerds in the Aberdeen area. Let's have a meet-up!