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Lex Bolkesteijn

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Posted on 10-09-2017

There is one thing I always found fascinating : weather.

Especially the temperature and humidity. So one of my first TheThingsNetwork projects I made was a DHT22 based beacon who allowed me to measure every 15 minutes the temperature and the humidity. After the measurement was done the beacon would send the values over TheThingsNetwork to my backend (a simple PHP parser and file logger).

That simple backend showed just one chart with variouse data from the node like :

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Battery voltage
  • RSSI
  • Packetcounter

over a window of 12 hour, 24 hour, 7 days and 28 days. And a CSV export option. Nothing fancy, but just simple logging.

But during that experiment I found out that the RN2483 modules don't like temperatures below 0 dgr Celsius so I have change course on that one.

So I switched to the RFM95W modules and tried to stripdown a example so it would fit in a 3.3V Arduino Pro Mini. The result was a low power BME280 based enviromental datalogger node for the ThingsNetwork with deepsleep support and variable interval using a LMIC ABP. The working prototype worked great so it was time to make a new node.

and a new back office :

But this is just the beginning. When you are interested continue reading on this forum post :

And build a node and add you're data.