Start LoRa projects in our area.

ishan wickramathunga

The Things Network User

Posted on 06-05-2019

As the initiator of ambilipitiya area i tought at the very begining to start our IOT projects in the things network steps by steps.May be u are newly for this technology. With the time i will give good knowlege about the LoRa.
i am planing to send some data between two lora devices as our 1st projects.
i need these things for my resaerch.
-Ra-02 sx-1278 two modules with antenas.
-Ardunio UNO two boards.
-Jumper wires.
-Ardunio IDE.
-Ardunio libraries for sx-1278 .

i will catch u guys soon with next steps.
if u have any questions ask me anytime. :)