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We have a plan to make a better life for Bangkok society. IOT & LPWAN technology should be benefit for all of us in our smart world or smart city. This will be our hope and should be not too far future. Helping us develop smart sensoring to protect our environment or increase our productivity. Realtime data can be monitored and seen on-line. Stored data can be analysed and the result mig...

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Start LoRaWan Thailand Face Book

FB is far more convenient to communicate amoung our menbers. Please add LoRaWan Thailand Group if you are interesting in LoRaWan Technology.

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The regulation was publishe...

Today, 24 Sept , the regulation for using freq 920-925 Mhz was published on the Royal Gazette. This freq band mostly used for RFID device and Non R...

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The Cheapest possible singl...

Wemos D1 Mini is by far the cheapest single channel lorawan gateway. Try with this one.

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Lorawan Node with GPS

This node is our own design. It is working ok right now. After placing it in open air for 2 mins, it started to send GPS location.

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Q Size Single Gateway for R...

For beginner user who would like to get experience on Lorawan Technology, we designed a quarter size of lorawan gateway shield. This QSG is well s...

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IoT/WT World Cup Challenge

Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology is one of the fastest growing connectivity segments. With decreased power requirements, longer range...

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Thailand Public Hearing on ...

On 18 Auguest 2017 in Bangkok

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Arduino Compatible Product

Rocket Scream is a very small company run by a guy named Phang Moh in a small hot and humid country called Malaysia. What started out as a part tim...

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You may need Libeliem if yo...

50 Sensor Applications for a Smarter World is here

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If you are looking for Low ...

Try visit this on-line shop click

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Environmental 3 Sensor Modu...

This multi-sensor module monitors important conditions in the environment: temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, movement/vibration,...

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Unofficial Meeting! Johan ...

Johan Stokking, a Tech Lead from TTN, visited Thailand on his vacation. I hope next time there will be more people to join.

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พบ พ.อ.ดร.เศรษฐพงค์ มะลิสุว...

ในโอกาศที่ได้ฟัง พ.อ.ดร.เศรษฐพงค์ มะลิสุวรรณ รองประธาน กสทช. บรรยายหัวข้อ Thailand 4.0 หลังเสร็จสิ้นการบรรยาย ได้รับเกียรติถ่ายรูปคู่กับท่าน ...

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กสทช.อนุมัติ 920-925 ใช้กับ...

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Sketch Generator

Link to Sketch Genrator click

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IOT Network Planning

to access pdf document.

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Khanistha Prasansuk

June 6, 2017: A very interesting article that talk about IoT, LoRa, XBee, NB-IoT, solution + case study and regulator of frequency #NBTC

บทความโดย ...

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