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Nathan McMinn

The Things Network User

Posted on 10-09-2018

One of the struggles of a small city tech community is that of fragmentation. When groups all set up their own forums, their own slack channels, their own meetups, etc, it can be difficult to know the full scope of what is going on in the community. That sort of fragmentation is probably necessary in places like San Francisco, with millions of tech people interacting. In a city the size of Birmingham, that doesn't work. So, with that in mind we are making a few changes to how and where we communicate with each other and how we arrange our meetups.

First, we are going to move our TTN slack channel to Magic City Tech, which has emerged as the central point for tech folks in Birmingham. You can join Magic City Tech here:


Once you get into the Slack workspace, find the #SmarterBham channel and join. That's where we'll discuss ongoing projects, answer questions, etc.

The other piece of the puzzle is our meetups. We've chosen to host those under the umbrella of BASE (Birmingham Area Software Enthusiasts). To find our meetups, check out BASE:


Meetups related to TTN will be clearly marked as "Open IoT", "SmarterBham", or "The Things Network" depending on the specific topics that will likely dominate the agenda at that particular meetup.

We are also planning our first Open IoT hack-a-thon! Stay tuned for more info on that as we decide on a date, location, and goals.

Thanks again for all that have supported us in our journey!