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Krzysztof Sielski

The Things Network User

Posted on 07-06-2016

In the following weeks the idea of building the TTN Bonn was presented to various groups of people gathered at meetings and meetups organised in Bonn.

There was always something new in questions or feedback we could gather from the audience. Sometimes these were very detailed technical questions about the LoRaWAN network or its security layer. At other occasion it was a practical question about use cases and products that could be supported by the network. All of that helped us to realise that there is quite a wide variety of aspects that are related to such an IoT network, that TTN Bonn could be an interesting basis for innovative products and services and that we could help to bring creative people from Bonn together.

Here some photos e.g. from Startup Bonn Meetups or meetings of our Open Knowledge Lab.