TTN & IoT Hacking - 2017 Edition

Krzysztof Sielski

The Things Network User

Posted on 08-01-2017

Let's kick-start 2017 with some cool IoT hacking!

If you haven't yet thought of a good New Year's resolution (or already broke one) we have a proposal for you: How about learning (by doing) about some cool technologies in area of Internet of Things? Wouldn't it be a fun to play with sensors, microcontrollers and LoRa or WiFi radio modules to make your city or home smarter? Join us!

Next meeting: 11th of January at 7p.m.
Place: BonnLAB

Agenda for next meeting includes:

  • workshop on ESP8266 microcontroller - we will show you how to: build WiFi enabled sensors and to start with your own Smart Home solution

  • discussion on projects that we plan to build for Bonn based on The Things Network

  • project work (e.g. setup of hardware & software of TTN gateways and nodes)

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