TTN gateways arriving in Boston

Stephen Ronan

The Things Network User

Posted on 25-01-2018

We know of several TTN gateways scheduled by FedEX to arrive in Boston on Monday and would like to communicate with others with a current interest in TTN to discuss how best to build out a regional network with optimal coverage.

One possible time/place for an in-person discussion would be next Tuesday (Jan 30) afternoon when Kurt Keville at MIT be hosting at MIT a make your own LoRaWAN gateway, and connect it to The Things Network, workshop. This'll be along the same lines as a previous event described here:

All are welcome, whether or not you have any affiliation with MIT. Peter Owens and I are planning to be there, accompanied by some TTN gateways and a variety of sensors. Are others of you potentially available to either attend the workshop or at least drop by and say hi and chat a little about the future of TTN in the Boston region? Please drop me a line at whether you can attend or not if you'd like to be notified of future events. Thanks!

The exact time/place for the workshop is room 189 at 2:00 at MIT building NE47, 500 Technology Square, near the corner of Portland and Maine in Cambridge.
To see it on a map, enter NE47 here:

It's likely that the event will be quite small and informal.