Thought I'd say hello


Keen to hear from people here

Posted on 28-11-2018

I'm just posting this to say hello as I've just joined the 'community' here. I'm an avid fan of opensource and wherever possible try to seek out an opensource alternative to things and promote these to my friends and colleagues,

I've built a fair few computers in the past for people and nowadays I'm quite heavily into 3D printing and CNC.

I've a technical background that traverses many fields from fire protection to vehicle manufacture though these days I'm principally focused on composites.

Being in rural Dorset (I live near Puddletown and then off into the countryside a few miles) I'm used to having to build my own things and have in the past built a small community network amongst my neighbours to access broadband. We now have a radio network which is shortly being upgraded to fibre thanks to Wessex Internet but it's the let's build it approach that I enjoy and am not affraid of that I'm highlighting here as an introduction to me.

Hope to hear from you and see what The Things Network is about and what we can do together.