Our Network of LoRa Partners extends further

Mario Mollo

Spreading an open network for a better world

Posted on 27-10-2018

Recently, a new company has entered our Network of Partners, which is entering the LoRa world, offering versatile products that have attracted the interest of many enthusiasts and more, for their features. Some of their most popular products are represented by the TTGO series.

We welcome our new partner, Shenzhen Xin Yuan Technology Co., Ltd!

Their products will be the protagonists of many workshops, giving everyone the chance to see their devices in action.

Here is a brief presentation of our Partner:

"The company is an enterprise of self-marketing owns, advanced equipment and technical personnel. Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.
Focus on ESP32 TTGO T series products, power modules, IoT modules, electric building blocks, remote WiFi relay modules, development boards and other product specialized in production and processing.
At the same time they can customize their products according to customer requirements."

You can visit their store here.

We are proud of this new partnership and we hope it will be ever stronger in the future!