Our first two months: projects and thoughts

Mario Mollo

Spreading an open network for a better world

Posted on 27-09-2018

It's been about 2 months since the creation of our TTN community Calabria e Cilento and in this period we have shaped the foundations of our project, keeping goals that we have set, high but achievable goals. If you're interested, you can take a look in the "our story" section of the community page.

In a simple way and without getting bored too much, we can list the 3 steps forward, made during this period, focusing on the most important things:

  1. We have prepared the first single channel LoRa gateway in an area of over 15 221.90 km², certainly we have not provided coverage to such a large area but it is only a first little step. You can see the location of gateway in the community map. It's located in Fagnano Castello, Calabria. The first place in the region with a TTN gateway.

  2. As the Initiator of the community I created a LoRa Weather Node, based on an Arduino Uno, a Dragino shield and a BME280 sensor, capable of sending humidity, pressure and temperature values, to test the actual functioning of the gateway and the coverage of the surrounding area.

  3. We found new Partners who provided us with hardware and services : a special thanks goes to Signomix, an IoT platform, to which you can connect your IoT devices. With Signomix we started a beta test phase of the platform, with promising results. Take a look, it's worth much!

There will be big news soon. If you're interested on the LoRa Weather Node or Signomix and you can't wait for our next blogs about them, ask and we'll reply soon! We were also thinking of creating a GitHub repo. Let us know what you think.

From TTN C&C community, over and out.

Mario Mollo