Wow - Hardware has (finally) arrived!

Christopher Leong

Co-Initiator Calgary

Posted on 19-05-2018

Firstly, let me start by apologizing for not being more active on this initiative. The last time we met we had stated that we'd get back together after the hardware arrived and at that time I thought that would just be a matter of weeks (sigh!). Well the hardware arrived for me last month and it's high time that I reach out to get moving on getting Calgary's network set up! Thanks very much for your patience and I hope that we can start up the work again.

I also wanted to mention that Corey and I submitted the 'things network' idea to the "Smart City Challenge" which I've been advised will now be included in Phase 3 given the fit to the challenge statement:

  • "After one of the worst economic downturns, Calgary will revolutionize to become Canada’s most resilient, inclusive and accessible community by increasing economic diversification to support our innovation ecosystem and partnering to integrate smart city technologies and data into affordable housing initiatives – creating more jobs and opportunities for all".

I'm excited to hear what else comes of the challenge and where it might lead for our group. I will set up a "Meet up" when I get back to Calgary (currently in Lethbridge visiting grandma) to see who's around, interested and wanting to participate.

Looking forward to working with you & hope you're having a great & safe long weekend!

All the best,