Components required to build node and gateway


The Things Network User

Posted on 16-07-2019

I'm in the process of building a use case for monitoring the performance of an off-grid solar PV system using LORAWAN. Basically its an IOT solution powered by LORAWAN, for asset management. I'd like to build the node and gateway on my own, using the hardware that is available off the shelf. I'd like to know if the following components/hardwares are available in India or do I have to import it from other countries. Also if they are available in India, I'd like to know the probable suppliers/sources.

  1. Node
    a. LORA radio module - Transceiver, Antenna, and MCU
    b. Antenna

  2. Gateway
    a. LORA concentrator board
    b. Raspberry Pi
    c. Antenna

Finally I'd like to know if an existing gateway can be used for the purpose, or building our own gateway is mandatory.

Would be grateful for any help provided in this regard. Thanks in advance.