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Simon Redding

The Things Network User

Posted on 13-08-2017

Hi everyone,

Summer's underway and we've been moving forward loads with the Things Network Chesterfield.
We've built two prototype single channel gateways using Raspberry Pi devices (photo above with a Seeduino-based people movement logger) and are currently commissioning these ready for Cycle Hack Chesterfield next month:
Putting test gateways in place will enable prototyping of sensors prior to the actual gateways being available.
One of these gateways will be in the Monkey Park Works co-working hub - we're looking for a home for the other.

Here’s a parallel initiative on Things Network run by the Future Cities Catapult. It’s just focussing on London at the moment, but aligns perfectly with what we’re trying to do: . Sadly their funding was a single call focussed on London, but there are some good use cases on that site.

We've had interest in Things Network Chesterfield from a number of organisations including Chesterfield Canal Trust (to monitor canal water levels & protect against flooding), Chesterfield Borough Council (to look at air pollution) and market traders (to look at footfall). We'd welcome further conversations with others - this is still at a very early stage.

Lastly, we're looking for £1000 to put in a pair of proper gateways for the town - from grant funds, collaborating partners & local business sponsorship. This will create a baseline open access pilot network for developing the Internet of Things in Chesterfield & North Derbyshire.

Come & join the more regular chat on the #smartchesterfield channel of the Spire Digital Slack community.
To join this, you can self-register at
The conversation is then at
We'd love you to join the chat & building exercise!

Simon Redding
Co-founder, Spire Digital & Monkey Park Works