Test case with IoT on the ‘Provinciehuis’

Martijn Quaedvlieg

The Things Network User

Posted on 26-07-2016

A few days ago a test case has started which will investigate the TTN LoRa coverage in Den Bosch Zuid. The TTN Den Bosch community was given the chance to install a Pop Up Gateway on the 23th floor of the “Provinciehuis”, which is the residence of the regional government. This will allow us to measure the effect of installing gateways on great heights in urban areas.

The first results are satisfying. Under sub optimal conditions we managed to realize a peak range of over 8 km which is very good under urban conditions. We will continue measurements to identify what the maximum reliably usable range is.

The philosophy behind these Pop Up Gateways is to move the gateway periodically through different parts of the city because this will allow neighborhoods to experience our LoRa network. It will also give us better insights in how we should position our gateways in order to provide the whole city with coverage. After a while this gateway will continue its journey and will this test case be evaluated to decide how the Zuid area will fit in the citywide roll out plan.