Exposure of Iivantiira community in the local press

Iivantiira Village Association

The Things Network User

Posted on 11-05-2021

Apart from the TTN community pages, Iivantiira rescue pilot project has maintained a Finnish blog at the village web site: https://iivantiira.net/wordpress/category/kylaturvallisuuspilotti/. The current translation engines might give an idea of the activities of the community. Some of the images should be self-explanatory to TTN forum readers.

Meanwhile, the local press has showed moderate interest in the undertaking:

Local newspaper Kuhmolainen published 24.11.2020 a story 'Iivantiiran kyläyhdistys julistautui älykyläksi' [Iivantiira village association declared that the aims at becoming a smart village], which describes the strategies of the village.

Regional newspaper Kainuun Sanomat places likewise the TTN undertaking in a broad perspective in the 2021-02-16 article titled 'Kyläläisten turvallisuus lähtee perusasioista – Iivantiirassa halutaan tietoa sähkönjakelun toimivuudesta' [A bottom-up approach in creating rural safety - Iivantiira needs information on the functionality of electricity distribution].

Unfortunately, the local newspapers don't allow us to publish the stories as such, but the appended mini images might convey an idea on the essence of the content. Please, contact the community initiator if further information is needed.