Finnish WWW-site for the Iivantiira Rescue Pilot

Philip Donner

The Things Network User

Posted on 15-12-2019

The Iivantiira TTN Community has established a Finnish WWW-site which aims at disseminating news items on progress of the rescue pilot. The main target audience consists of Iivantiira village members and other interested parties. The pages are accessible at:

Have a look at the pages and you will perhaps get a glimpse of what is going on locally. Developer discussion in English is covered on the community's Slack channel.

Let the sun shine on Iivantiira village!

You may be interested in supporting our work by becoming an Iivantiira TTN Community contributor. It is easy: Activate the 'Join this community' button on the Iivantiira TTN Community page. This is a multidisciplinary effort: Developers of all kinds - ICT, rescue, rural development etc - are invited to participate in our work.