Building An IoT Community: 2nd Meetup Brews In Manila

Princess Legaspi

The Things Network User

Posted on 27-09-2018

As part of expanding The Things Network Community in the Philippines, the Manila team is now preparing for its 2nd meet up on October 5, 2018 at the IoT Technology Hub in Ortigas, Pasig City. Attendees include students, business owners, and local government units to discuss the massive deployment of Internet of Things in the Philippines. 

IoT Initiator and Packetworx Founder Arnold Bagabaldo invites fellow IoT enthusiasts to explore opportunities with LoRaWan™.  With the mission to accelerate the adoption of IoT in the Philippines, Packetworx launched its first IoT Technology Hub where students, software, hardware engineers, business leaders and, government heads can collectively unlock all IoT potentials throughout the country. 

Packetworx makes sure that the tools, equipment, and connectivity for IoT adoption are available nationwide and surely opens the possibility of not being only the driver to strengthen different sectors but also to accelerate the knowledge and preparedness towards internet-powered Philippines among Filipinos.