First Meetup

Ben Ward

Love Hz

Posted on 16-11-2016

Last night's meetup went well. It was great to see so many people intrigued, interested or wanting to be involved - really encouraging.

We kicked off with a bit of an introduction to the people in the room and a (slightly chaotic) intro to what The Things Network is. After Andrew Linsday's show & tell of hardware and experiences of setting up Thatcham Things Network we put up some post-its with applications and use cases on the wall, along with some ideas about who/when/how/where could achieve these. (Hedgehog tracking?)

We also identified Team Infrastructure and Team Applications. Team Infrastructure will focus on getting the gateways a home, installed and running, while Team Applications will focus on doing something interesting and engaging. Don't worry, you can be part of both!

David Curran has taken all these notes and assures me he'll try to write them up. The gist of things for now is that people aren't short of ideas, many of which seemed achievable and may even have overlap with existing groups in Oxford.

So the next steps:

Join the forum thread:­

Put your name to the official community:­

Thanks once again and we'll see you on the forum.