Getting started with The Things Network using Zerynth (Python for Microcontrollers)

Luigi Francesco Cerfeda

Yet another Tony Stark wannabe

Posted on 05-05-2017

Do you want to create your own LoraWAN network? Find out how to do it with Zerynth!

In this tutorial, you’ll see how to create a LoraWAN network programmed in Python using Zerynth and connected to The Things Network.

In particular, you’ll see how to:

  • Configure a Link Labs Gateway.
  • Program a Node in Python using Zerynth. In this case, the node is a Flip&Click by Mikroelektronika (based on the microcontroller SAM3X by Microchip). The LoRa module is a “LoRa Click” by Mikroelektronika (based on the RN2483 chip by Microchip).
  • Connect the node to TTN (The Things Network) Console.

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