The Things Network

Jacek Rosik

The Things Network User

Posted on 23-10-2015

The Things Network is a unique crowdfunding initiative which is aiming to create global network of Internet of Things. Thanks to use of exceptional technology, communication between particular elements of network may be faster than ever. What is important, it is not necessary to be connected with Bluetooth or WiFi. It makes the system more accessible, expands its reach and makes it possible to use it on practically every device. This solution ensures also low battery usage, large coverage and low capacity, which is an ideal situation for projects linked with IoT. Cities like Amsterdam (which actually developed the idea), Boston, Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires have already entered the concept. It is extremely pleasant for us to announce that we had just become a part of this project. Apollogic Team introduced the initiative in Pozna? – we are waiting impatiently for the arrival of ordered equipment! We expect the initiative to grow systematically, also in our city. Gained experience will certainly benefit for the future projects around technologies of Internet of Things. **If you are interested about the details considering The Things Network, or you are willing to support the initiative.

please visit TTN website on Kickstarter.**