March 31st: TTN010 & ReStart collaborative IoT-event!

Dear TTN010-ers,

The Things Network Rotterdam (aka TTN010) is happy to announce a collaborative event with ReStart Network. ReStart is a non-profit initiative aimed at educating recent migrants and refugees to learn relevant technology skills to create a better future for themselves and others in their new host country.

Friday afternoon March 31st, ReStart’s fresh new class will spend the afternoon tinkering at an IoT hackerspace, together with us: The Things Network Rotterdam community. Sign up for the free event and join the hackerspace. You can work on your own IoT use case, or help out others in doing so. And of course there’s plenty of opportunity to catch up as well; it’s been quite a while!

1:00 PM - Keynote speech by Laurens Slats - IoT & The Things Network
1:15 PM - Keynote speech by Matthijs Jaspers - The Things Network Rotterdam
1:30 PM - 4:00 PM - IoT workshops + hackerspace
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM - Social

Bring your nodes, prototyping boards and sensors. Let's start building IoT!

Don’t forget to register and hope to see you Friday 31st of March at the Cambridge Innovation Center!

Best regards, also on behalf of Léon Gommans,

Matthijs Jaspers & Laurens Slats