New Gateway on the Uniper Benelux building Maasvlakte.

This gateway is a Dutch record height of 130M from ground level. The gateway is connected to the biggest community network on the Globe The Things Network & Industries and can provide a radius of up to 15Km (about 700Km2) and even more for outdoor sensors. It covers a big part of the Rotterdam Maasvlakte, North Sea, Hook of Holland, Zeeland and the Port Railroads. This gateway can support up to tens of thousands of LoRaWAN® Low Power Long Range sensors for all kinds of use cases like: industry, security, energy & utilities, logistics & supply chain & smart building/facility management and environmental projects. In the next coming period, SkyLab and partners will expand this network rapidly with more gateways located from the main port to the city of Rotterdam and neighboring cities. Together we will make this network stronger, bigger more redundant than others. If you would like to join, contribute or if you would like to know more about (sensor) solutions contact us.