The power of height

Jens Vogel

The Things Network User

Posted on 19-10-2020

Over the last year, Skylab and others have been working hard to create one of the largest and best TTN region.
With the help of tactically placed gateways on large commercial buildings not only almost all of outdoor Rotterdam has coverage, but we now have also made it redundant.
This has been achieved by placing gateways with interlocking coverage. with this addition, the network will continue to thrive even in the unlikely event of a gateway malfunction.
We believe that this will attract even more businesses in using The Things network, now that the redundancy has been improved.
Smart cities and other businesses will need to worry less about losing coverage or incoming data.

We hope to continue this trend and set an example for other communities alike us. If you are interested in contributing to the community or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.