Arduino Pro Mini Single Channel Node with I2C

Doug LaRue

The Things Network User

Posted on 31-10-2016

As Travis mentioned earlier, I've been working on learning KiCAD and the Other Mill circuit board CNC machine to make a LoRaWAN client node. I now have 3 functional client nodes up and running with the latest iteration correcting the RFM95W footprint and adding an I2C 4 pin header to the end of the board.

I'll be testing it soon with a barometric sensor and I already realized I should include pads for 2 4.7K pullup resistors on the SDA and SCL lines of the I2C bus. Or maybe I'll leave that up to the addon boards.

As with my updates to the LMIC client code, I will post the entire KiCAD project to github along with gerber and drill files for anyone who wants to make their own boards. Later I'll have an OSH Park link for you to purchase your own boards.