The Things Network User

Posted on 14-05-2019

Hello!, It's Verónica from Chile

The first time I programmed a PIC16F84A through a windows 7 based computer and saw the first red led sparkling a bigbang happened deep inside my mind (literally) I felt like everything could be done through this small and apparently simple device with thousands or millions of transistors in its inner architecture.

So here I go, this was one of the first time bigbangs whose I haven't felt after a long time... one of them was when I tried to build a spacial rockect or a mechanical dog car and to fix a radio too, and things I screwed up hahaha, things related to be inventing things has been important part of my life.

During the university I always tried to figure it out how to build a wireless network or wireless control (limitated with bluetooth), I felt limitated in knowledge as electronic engineer because I thought that such area was just for teleco-people + automatization people, ( a narrow way of watching things as electronic engineer) well those thoughts are literally gone as I've grown.

The cool Thing! in 2015 I met the concept Internet of things in a tech seminar in Santiago, Chile. (honestly I felt like cheated, - oh... this technology already excisted so I'm not pioneer ahaha (of course it does!) - ...even though in that moment I thought - it's great! I can meet people doing it and invent things together!-

There was a break between forme in the later 2015 and 2016- 2018, so this year 2019! I'm on my way of developing projects with IoT as a service and grow in engineering!

My apologies if I didn't mention any fancy thing in these paragraphs!