Predavanje: "Uvod u LoRaWAN"

Benjamin Emirhafizovic

The Things Network User

Posted on 30-05-2023

Predavanje "Uvod u LoRaWAN", koje će 30.5.2023. u 15:00 na Elektrotehničkom fakultetu u Sarajevu održati osnivač Sarajevo TTN Community-a profesor Samim Konjicija, će se prenositi i online putem linka: Svi zainteresirani studenti i ljubitelji IoT su dobrodošli!


The initiator of our community, Professor Samim Konjicija, will deliver an in-person lecture titled "An Introduction to LoRaWAN", on Tuesday May 30th, 2023 at 15:00 CEST. The lecture will be delivered in the Bosnian language as it's primarily oriented towards the students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Sarajevo and the local community. The entire event is also an opportunity for students, IoT enthusiasts and potential contributors to meet up, hang out and discuss all things LoRaWAN. The event will also be streamed online via Google Meet: