TTN and Solar Telemetry in West Seattle/Burien


The Things Network User

Posted on 17-05-2021

Hey I'm trying to figure out how to get better telemetry data from an offgrid solar installation in the Burien area. As you can see from the image, the dashboard is in Grafana. All the telemetry can be packaged/transported as MQTT so I think it is a compatible application for TTN.

What I'm curious about is the current state of coverage in the Seattle area. From the TTN map in the area, I'm showing pretty limited to no Burien coverage. Any of you folks have any ideas for this? Do I just need a high gain antenna to pull it in? The site has no internet access, save for a 4g modem i'm currently using. I'd like to get away from that just on a cost/value basis, since all i'm using it for is telemetry data.