Gateway Migration to Stack

Steve Jubb

The Things Network User

Posted on 04-08-2022

At last... the network of gateways that were installed under the banner of University of Sheffield's Urban Flows Observatory are being reconfigured to work on the current TTN Stack (v3).
Part of the issue has been that by being 'early adopters' the gateway versions couldn't be updated remotely and are having to be taken down and updated manually.

That said, this work is now ongoing with the gateways installed previously (Hicks, The Edge, Bradfield, Norton (x2), Worsbrough, Ecclesall Woods and ICAIR) targetted for completion by the end of August and the proposed additional units (currently Tinsley Bridge and Rivelin Valley) by the end of September.

If you're reading this and have questions about the migration/configuration of Lorix One, TTOG and TTIG units to the Stack I'll be happy to share my experiences(!).