Meetings Notes from 2nd September Meeting

Steve Jubb

The Things Network User

Posted on 17-10-2019

Welcome and Introductions:
Steve Jubb (SJ) opened the meeting explaining that he has now taken over the leadership role of the group and invited intros from everyone.

• Steve Jubb – Technical Manager, Urban Flows Observatory at The University of Sheffield (TUoS)
• Mark Davies - Ioetec
• Mike Faulks – Ioetec and Sheffield Hallam University
• Craig Wootton – Principal Engineer for Development, Estates & Facilities Management, TUoS
• Mark Franklin – Network Infrastructure, TUoS
• Chris Dymond – Sheffield Digital & Unfolding
• Simon Redding - TTN Chesterfield
• Simon Nieder - TTN Chesterfield
• Matt Proctor - ARUP

• 16 Gateways (1 core)
• 35 Contributors

• Dr Geraint Jones who led the last meeting has left Sheffield for a new role with KTN in Bristol.
• Steve Jubb has taken over as the ‘organiser’ for the group
• The plan going forwards is to hold monthly meetings that will coincide with the Smart Sheffield meetings and the IoT Meetup that will take place on alternate months.

Things Network News:
• SJ introduced the proposed agenda:
Direction - Activities - Focus - Future - Tie-ins - AOB
• The current available coverage was discussed, noting that the gateway now operating from the TUoS Hicks Building is providing good coverage.
• Further mapping of the coverage is required and SJ will pursue this.
• Suggestions were made concerning the use of Delivery companies and Taxi firms.
• It was suggested that this could be combined with air quality measurement by cyclists.
SJ will pursue provision of mapping nodes and additional mapping runs.
• SJ proposed that we should concentrate on building a base infrastructure that could be managed

New Gateways:
• Locations for the proposed network of gateways:
o TUoS: Factory 2050/ICAIR, Bradfield, Norton, Endcliffe
o Gripple
o Kollider
o Park Hill Flats
SJ will come up with a plan for the next meeting

Coverage & Propagation:
• Coverage and mapping are things that we need to address. SJ will have the RF equipment up and running in the next couple of months. See note above about mapping.
• Question of whether we should try and expand the network across the city region and link up West Yorkshire.
• The Simons suggested creating coverage between Sheffield and Chesterfield along the A61 corridor – SJ to consider this in the gateway plan.

• TTN has new indoor and outdoor gateways available, SJ to investigate.
• SJ commented that a hurdle to creating nodes is the lack of reliable code that enables Over-The-Air-Activation on Arduino/ESP8266 devices. SJ to pursue getting coders to work on this problem.

• Meetings will be held monthly from now on.

• None