moving the clean air devices to the Sheffield Lora/Things network


The Things Network User

Posted on 04-03-2020


At the meetup on Monday we agreed that that we should work together to get the network of 150 particulate/air quality monitors onto the Lora/Things network.

I said I would look at how we retro-fit the existing monitors and test the software changes needed for the esp8266 based devices to talk over Lora rather than wifi. I also said that I would look at what the next generation of monitors should look like.

Steve has been terrific and already lent me some kit to play with and is arranging for a permanent Lorix gateway to be installed on my house to cover the rivelin valley.

However, this is still quite a lot of work, so I think we will need to work together. I've started talking about what we need to in 2 places:
- the Sheffield Digital internetofthings slack channel - if you're not already on that platform, you can sign up at
- a trello board to help us manage and collaborate around tasks - you can sign up for that using this link

Feel free to join in the conversation and help us get the biggest network of air quality monitors on the biggest Things Network in the UK.