Notes from 2nd October Meeting

Steve Jubb

The Things Network User

Posted on 18-10-2019

Welcome and Introductions:
Steve Jubb (SJ) opened the meeting and invited intros from everyone.

• Steve Jubb – Technical Manager, Urban Flows Observatory at The University of Sheffield (TUoS)
• Sarah Cullen – Operations Manager, Pitch-In
• David Oliver – City Connectivity Strategy Lead, SCC
• 18 Gateways (1 core)
• 38 Contributors

• Sarah Cullen has left her role at SCC and is now the Operations Manager for the Pitch-In portfolio of projects.
• SJ noted that given the low attendance he needs to more effort into publicising future meetings especially now that they’re being held monthly

Things Network News:
• SJ showed the newly acquired equipment; TTN Indoor and Outdoor gateways as well as the existing Lorix and TTN gateways

Network Plan:
• SJ ran through the presentation that he would be giving in the following IoT Meetup session (video below)

Coverage & Propagation:
• Mapping efforts are now underway and the initial results are included in the presentation.
• Gateway installation is progressing with a unit now delivered to Alex Kelly at Tinsley Bridge for installation at their site. Other gateways are expected to be in place by the end of the year.

• David Oliver commented that Amey are deploying LoRa gateways to support their own operational needs and have identified sites across the city.