RisingHF RHF0M301 - Raspberry Pi Gateway

Atar Babgei

The Things Network User

Posted on 20-07-2017

Dear all,

There was an unexpected problem on the custom clearance process which caused a lengthy delay.

Anyway, the parts have finally arrived. I put all of them together and managed to get the gateway up and running.


Since Indonesia is currently using 923-925MHz frequency plan then we need to find a gateway and antenna that operates in those frequency channels.

Here's the main parts used for this gateway:
- Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
- RisingHF RHF0301 - 920 - LoRa gateway
- Antenna 900MHz 6dBi Omni

Putting all together

I managed to build a simple backplane (Eagle CAD) for the Raspberry Pi that I put in TTN Surabaya github page: github.com/ttn-surabaya/RHF0M301-Pi-Adapter

Also, You can find the wiring configuration and a simple explanation of how to build the gateway there.

Current Status

Please notice that this gateway is currently under test, so you might not see the gateway on the map all the time. I am planning to put this gateway outside once I found a good and high place in Surabaya. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.