Unleash Community Trier at Pi and More 2019 Hacking Event

Martin [DG6VK] Kautenburger

The Things Network User

Posted on 09-02-2020

We unleash The Things Network Trier Community Group on Pi and More 2019 Hacking Event in Trier.

On the event we do some things like:
-Desk with LoRaWAN Nodes and Gateways and Use-Cases
-Workshop with IoT2 Protype Board from Uni Campus Birkenfeld ( https://www.umwelt-campus.de/iot-werkstatt/tutorials )
-Presentation about TheThingsNetwork and LoRaWAN
-Presentation about Use-Case of Senor Data
-Weather Ballon Start with LoRaWAN and APRS HamRadio Tracker