A new TTN community

Lex Bolkesteijn

73 to you and yours.

Posted on 26-07-2017

We can hear you think : Another new The Things Network community in the same area? Twente isn't a city, how can there be a TTN community Twente?

All valid questions and you're absoluut right. The Twente area indeed has a few communities like Enschede and Almelo and there are also small groeps of TTN enthousiast in Borne and Hengelo (and probably few we don't know yet). But these communities and enthusiast frequently meet and exchange information with other communities. It's that kind of community spirit what made us want to make a new area community.

Our mission is to provide the entire Twente with Internet of Things data connectivity by crowd-sourcing the network by its citizens and local companies. We support the individual communities of the Twente region. We especially stimulate the collaboration between the communities en other TTN enthusiast in order to provide the region with an open sensor data network.

We are happy to have you join this area community. Share you're idea's, inspire you're self and other people, be creative and above all : share you're enthusiasm for the TTN.

So contact the core team and help us unleash the Internet of Things in Twente.