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We strive to build a free, community-driven IoT network for the whole city to tinker, experiment and develop with!

We want to provide coverage of the whole inner city of Ulm within the next months. If you are a volunteer enthusiast and want to contribute, get in touch! We are supported by, an association of like-minded people who want to foster creative ways of interactin...

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Connectivity 77km away from our Gateways

We made our first tests in an aircraft last Saturday. While aloft in 4000ft MSL we had connectivity to at least one of our gateways more than 70km ...

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The Things Network Ulm beco...

Congratulations for becoming an official community of The Things Network!

Many thanks to all the members of the community who contributed to this s...

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Measuring particulates with...

We are currently working on a sensor for measuring particulates in the air, a common problem in bigger cities and industrial regions. The data we c...

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What's next!

We wrote a blog post about our workshop last weekend and put together a small roadmap with upcoming plans and projects:

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Workshop Weekend starts rig...

We're starting into a weekend full of LoRa und TTN with Alexander Overtoom and Fokke Zandbergen from the Amsterdam Team. Over 30 participants meet ...

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Four Kerlink gateways now u...

Since today we have four Kerlink gateways online in Ulm! Our coverage now spans most parts of the inner city and one large suburban area.

Another t...

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TTN Workshop in Ulm at 9th ...

The local TTN in Ulm community is organizing a workshop with members of TTN on friday and saturday 9th and 10th of December at the Verschwörhaus in...

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Provides gateways and ideas.

Local maker/hackerspace which provides a place to meet

Provides gateways and ideas.

Provides gateways and ideas.

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TTN Ulm in the Media

Digitalisierung: Neues Netzwerk für Mini-Daten in Ulm
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TTN Ulm on local TV
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There is a new meetup from community nearby (Stuttgart)

1 day, 2 hours ago

Thomas Barris is now part of Ulm community

2 months ago

Congratulations! Today is the 1-year anniversary of the community!

2 months, 3 weeks ago

The Things Network Ulm got its 25th member

3 months, 1 week ago

The Things Network Ulm organizes a Meetup on 31 July

7 months, 1 week ago



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17 Jan
Zur Erinnerung: Heute Abend ab 18:30 Uhr ist, nach der Weihnachtspause, wieder LoRa-Abend im @verschwoerhaus!
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13 Jan
Im @verschwoerhaus tüftelt es sich doch am besten!
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27 Dec
#wikipakaWG NOC lässt verlautbaren, dass nun LoRaWan auf dem #34c3 gesprochen und @thethingsntwrk verstanden wird.…
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19 Dec
Wir verabschieden uns in eine kurze Weihnachtspause und sehen uns alle am 17.01. wieder zum ersten LoRa-Abend im ne…
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13 Dec
Wir hatten heute schon die große Bescherung im @verschwoerhaus!

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