Installation and going live of Kerlink gateway on the Minkema College

Boris Kock

The Things Network User

Posted on 10-05-2017

Today we installed and put a brand new Kerlink gateway live in Woerden. With the help of our local TTN community members and a local school (Minkema College) which provided the roof space, we now have much better TTN LoRa coverage.
We even have it protected against lightning strikings.
It is the third and highest gateway placed in Woerden.
This should provide Woerden, the surrounding villages and highway (A12) access to TTN and enable more students, citizens and others to experiment and use their TTN LoRa appliances.

Big thanks to our neighboring TTN community in Utrecht, Eurofiber, Minkema College and the EBU to make this possible!

Soon we hope to bring you more news from our ongoing projects and events.

If you are living/working in or near Woerden please come and join us in building the global Internet of Things.