The Things Network

The Things Network is on a mission to build an open, global and crowdsourced Internet of Things data network, owned and operated by its users.

In July 2015, The Things Network managed to cover the entire city of Amsterdam with a new type of wireless network using a technology called LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network). The network was built, bottom up, funded by people like you. Now, the network is being rolled out in over 80 countries around the world. Join us in our mission to provide the world with an open Internet of Things data network.

You are the network, let’s build this thing together.

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Switzerland started off nice with 24 communities

There are already 0 gateways connected all around Switzerland.

Rules & Regulations

Every country has different rules and regulations. Check out the resources to find out what you have to take into account when working with The Things Network.

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Check out all relevant resources to make best use of The Things Network.

Join the discussion on our Switzerland Slack.


The Things Network has a strong (and awesome) community of people. We are thrilled to see so many people using our platforms, discussing use cases & helping each other out in the world of loT.

and 746 others are part of The Things Network Switzerland

Upcoming events

Another day, another event. All around the country communities are organizing hackerspaces, workshops & other events.