Access to Kerlink Wiki to get latest Kerlink firmware

Dear All,

I have a bit of a time sensitive issue. I’ve both 2 Kirlink gateways but I just found out they don’t any firmware/packetforwarder on them. I have to send them to a customer on Wednesday so I would like to get to work on configuring them. I’ve received a note from MCS with a instruction where you can download the necessary software: But I can’t get an access code because Kirlink support is closed for the Easter weekend. my question:

Does anyone here have access to this site and could you help me with getting the latest Kirlink firmware? you’d be a lifesaver!

Thanks, Solid

Possible partial answer (not my cup of tea): some details on a new beta TTN packet forwarder here.

We have a mirror of the stock firmware here:

And the stock custo and dota:

Hello, are these zip and tar files still the newest version?

And what does the custo file do? Do I also have to put in on a USB like the dota file? There is no description on this part in the documentation.