Amazon Sidewalk

Take a look at supported SFs (and take into account it also supports SF5 and SF6 mentioned in the datasheet but not mentioned on the page). This intentionally castrated and so cheaper version of SX126x seems to be a basement for Sidewalk devices. And SX1302, which also supports SF5/SF6, seems to be a core of Sidewalk GWs.

LoRaWAN for metering, hobbyists and a dozen nodes-size networks in rural areas; Sidewalk for consumer electronics.

Have you seen something that points to use of gateway-class radios in the system?

What I’ve heard about the silicon already being in devices in customers homes and just waiting for a firmware update makes me think they have a scheme to use cheap node-class radios in the infrastructure role.

In terms of range, I suspect it’s more a “managing expectations” - LoRaWAN can go quite far line of sight, yet, but obstructions may mean less in many situations, especially when the infrastructure consists mostly of IP/LoRa bridge devices that may not be very well placed from an antenna siting perspective.

Though this is just a rumor :slight_smile:

What does Semtech “CoreCell” have to do with “Amazon Sidewalk”?

Of course Semtech wants to sell expensive gateway silicon, even a cheaper version thereof.

That doesn’t mean that Amazon is buying it for their system.

That’s not to say that they might not go down that route ultimately, but it didn’t seem to be what the sidewalk scheme was initially about.

we’ll see soon.

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As can be seen from these links CoreCell is spcifically called out as a cost/power reduced implementation and ref design for indoorgateway ref design and building monitoring systems (vs Sidewalk implying external?!) <shrugs shoulders again! :slight_smile: > As referenced above some products have made use of LoRa capable node silicon offerings, but potentially using legacy modulations vs LoRa?, no declaration of use of GW si yet…could the 1302 be a logical extension and use case?!

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Enough speculation wrt Sidewalk until we know more officially in the longer term me thinks! So will close thread.

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More PR around Amazon Sidewalk

Note reference to ‘crowd sourced’ network

No specific call out of LoRaWAN - only mentions LoRa directly in the release

Amazons Blog post on the story:

Note reference to “will support multiple protocols including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) and LoRa in the 900 MHz band”.

The LoRa exclusiveness is now lost.

I dont recall that it was ever LoRa only but rather it was emerging as a multiradio solution - dont recall wifi though I know Borroz suggested it might involve a LoRa - WiFi Mesh system and I beleive one of the devices called out earlier in the thread may have had capability as a WiFi-LoRa/FSK bridging device. I think some of the early ‘Ring’ brand product that were commented as potentially part of the early system development were multi radio per the FCC submissions.I believe idea was devices would opt for the ‘best fit’ available locally or depending on distance/proximity.


More info coming out e.g. here:

More info on system implementation and security configuration in whte paper here

I suspect it could be LoRaWAN based, they recently launched the capability to AWS Core IoT to build out applications using LoRaWAN, imagine the marketing spiel for not only having your own gateways registered in AWS Core IoT but being able to federate with sidewalk and having connectivity via Amazon Echo devices almost anywhere… It would also explain why it is US only for now, maybe they didn’t release echo devices that conform to 868MHz band.

We’ve not seen much update activity on Sidewalk of late but saw this recently

More ref Sidewalk Bridge Pro/application here