ATmega4808 and Nano Every 4808 modules

I received some of these Nano Every 4808 modules in this morning’s mail. I have been struggling with MCCI LMIC on 328P nodes and use a deprocated library for any nodes on TTN V3. I can still register a node this way.

Where to start with the 4808? I haven’t even looked at default pins, board support in Arduino or VSCode. How have you found this module so far and have you ran into/solved any issues?

Just to clarify, I am a “mechanical” guy that learned the bare minimum to build LoRaWAN devices, mostly for hobby/learning but have found myself fixing most of the ‘regular’ problems since I am building this stuff since the very beginning of TTN! Also FYI: I saw Andreas Spiess’ 4808 video and have been waiting for these modules since that very Sunday!

Any feedback welcome before I launch into a project or two, especially low power and sleep!


Did you see the reference to my link collection in the video description by Andreas Spiess? It contains links to everything worth knowing about the ATmega4808.

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Forum search reveals this from about 9 months back, I believe the OP had originally used the Nano Every board but for low power applications dropping the cruft that Arduino put on the board (SAMD11 & two voltage regulators) helped considerably:

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I watched Andreas’ video a couple of times but missed your links, that is quite an archive!
It answers many questions such as core support, low power and more.
I will try to build some of these to test, thanks


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